21 Tips on Dating an Introvert

The word introvert has a negative connotation in today’s society. It's seen as being shy, socially awkward, and withdrawn from the world. This could not be more false!

Introverts love people just like everyone else. They simply need time to get to know someone before they are comfortable opening up.

If you want to have a successful relationship with an introvert, consider these tips:

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1) Do not rush them when it comes to talking about their feelings or personal life

In time they will come to trust you and share these details of themselves.

Introverts are not as easily stimulated by socializing, so don’t take it personally if they occasionally seem disinterested in the conversation; that is just how their brains work. They might be listening though!

2) Ask questions that require longer answers than yes or no

In the process of responding to these questions, introverts will get more time to think about what they want to say and how.

Introverts need a lot of alone time to recharge their energy levels; if you are an extrovert that requires a lot of socializing, this might be difficult for both parties involved.

3) Do not interrupt them while they are speaking

Introverts are not used to being interrupted and will feel pressured by this.

Do not take it personally if they do not respond immediately to messages or phone calls; introverts need time to think about what they want to say before opening up in conversation, so give them that time!

4) Give them space when possible by letting them do most of the talking

They might not be comfortable with you looking directly into their eyes, especially if they are shy. They will appreciate the space to think and form sentences before speaking; it helps introverts feel more at ease in conversation.

5) Know that they will not always tell you what they are thinking

It is not that they are being secretive, it just means introverts have a lot of thoughts and the words do not always come to them easily.

Introverts often spend time in their own head before responding, so be patient and give them space!

6) Try to learn about their passions and interests and take an interest in them yourself

Introverts are so much more interesting than people give them credit for!

Do not interrupt their thoughts, but instead let them speak and share themselves with you. You will be rewarded in the end when they feel comfortable enough to open up fully about themselves. Introverts do want relationships; it just takes time.

7) Understand that meeting people is possible for them, but they won’t accept everyone into their "inner circle"

Introverts are not closed off to meeting new people, but they will only accept those that have proven themselves worthy.

If you want an introvert’s friendship or relationship, show them the time and effort it takes for them to build trust with someone.

8) Understand their need for alone time and respect it

Introverts love people just like everyone else, they simply need time to get to know someone before they are comfortable opening up.

If you want them in your life consistently, be patient and understanding of their needs.

9) If you try to tag them into activities, do not take it personally if they say no

Introverts need alone time, and they will not be happy if you try to push them to do something they don't want.

To make an introvert feel loved, give them space! Leave messages or text sporadically; let the person know that you are there for him or her when he/she needs it most.

10) Remember that you cannot judge an introvert by one conversation

They take longer to get comfortable with those they are unfamiliar with and may even be more social in the process.

11) Do not assume you know what makes them happy based on your own interests and lifestyle

Introverts are different, and what makes them happy may be the opposite of you.

Do not take it personally if they tell you that your idea does not interest them; this is their way of saying "no" without hurting anyone's feelings!

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12) Respect the fact that introverts don't have to work at relationships in the same way as extroverts do

It is not a reflection on whether or not they love you!

13) Never forget that introverts have feelings too

Introverts are people just like everyone else. They may not always talk about what is bothering them, but they still feel pain and sadness too. Remember that if you want to make an introvert happy, give them time!

14) Understand that introverts are not incapable of showing affection, and they may need a little push

Introverts are not incapable of showing affection. They may need a little push, but they will be grateful you took the time to get them there!

For example: give your introvert space until he or she is ready to reciprocate in public displays of affection, and then it might take an extra nudge for him or her to be ready.

Introverts just need a little more time and patience, so don’t give up on them!

15) Be patient with them; introverts are excellent listeners and can provide insightful advice

Introverts are excellent listeners and can provide insightful advice based off of what they have experienced.

Never forget that introverts care about you deeply, even if it is not readily apparent in their silence.

16) Give them the space to warm up to you in their own time

Introverts may need more time to get comfortable.

Never push an introvert to do something they don't want, and be patient with them as their feelings change.

For introverts to open up, you have to take the time and effort into building a relationship that will last.

17) Remember that they have different needs than you do, and be willing to compromise on what you both want from each other

Introverts are people just like everyone else and they deserve to be treated with the same respect. If you want their friendship or relationship, show them the time it takes for them to open up by taking your cues from how much they share in terms of physical affection.

18) Prioritize their happiness by making sure they know just how much you care for them

It's important to prioritize the introvert’s happiness by making sure they know just how much you care for them. Introverts often end up feeling like their thoughts and feelings don't matter, so someone who loves them really must take time to listen and make sure they feel heard.

Make an effort to be patient with them, speak clearly, and make sure to ask questions so they don't feel like you're talking at them. It is important that the introvert feels safe with you!

19) Always make them feel like they are your priority

Introverts are sensitive people. They may not always show that they care about you, but remember this: introverts value their friends deeply and want to be valued back.

If your introverted friend feels like he or she is neglected in a conversation with someone else, then step in immediately! You should never make an introvert feel like they are your afterthought.

Introverts need their time to warm up, and can sometimes be more social in the process of warming up.

Know that introverts often feel like they have to earn love through a relationship or friendship, so take things slow if you want them for something longer than just a fling!

20) Remember that introverts need to be asked questions and about what they are passionate about

Introverts are not necessarily looking for a one-sided conversation. They also want to know about the other person and what they're passionate about!

If you can keep an open mind, then it will be easier to get through those rare moments when introverted temperaments flare up in anger or frustration. Remember that often there is something deeper going on for an introvert, and they need your patience!

21) Be open to the fact that introverts can be very social, but cannot guarantee it in every situation

Introverts can be very social, but cannot guarantee it in every situation.

The fact that introverts can be very social and may enjoy one-on-one time is a misconception. By nature, introverted personalities are self-reliant people who find peace in solitude and their thoughts.

Yet if you take the time to get them out of their comfort zone they might actually be more sociable than you think! Try to put yourself in their shoes and realize that it is not easy for them to act extroverted.

The definition of an introvert can vary depending on the person, but know that most introverts generally have one or more of these traits: they need alone time after a social event, like being around people less than others, are drained by social activity, and need to recharge, have a lower-than-average energy level and/or maybe more sensitive.

It's important for people not only to know that introverts exist but moreover, how they function in the world. If you want someone in your life who has an introverted personality then it is important to realize what that means and respect them for it.

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